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Rug Group Ideas


Idea for Your Rug Hooking Group


Here are some simple hooking challenges for your rug hooking group to keep everyone jazzed up and involved.

  • Make the challenge piece optional and do not pressure anyone to participate.
  • Keep the piece small so it will not be overwhelming and take too much time.
  • Allow plenty of time to get the project completed.  We usually aim for a period of two to three months.
  • It is no fun to hook something that you don't particularly like so choose a project that allows everyone room for their own interpretation and creativity.
  • Do keep it fun but if possible include some learning techniques just for a little growth

Here are some more "challenges:"

Oval Shapes


Fall Squash

Asquash2.jpg Asquash.jpg

Heart Shapes

heartshapes.jpg hookinclub2_9b.jpg

A Basic Tulip Design


  • Share Wool - everyone brought wool and shared pieces with each member of the group

lisassharedwool.jpg Carolyn11Oct04.jpg